What is happening at Central Library?

    Central Library is undergoing a major renovation to meet the growing needs of our customers and changing business priorities. The renovation will move the library forward as an important part of an urban community that inspires literacy, creativity and lifelong learning.

    When will the renovation start?

    Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2021.

    Will Central Library stay open during construction?

    Central Library will close to the public in March, 2021. This will enable the renovation to be completed as quickly as possible and ensure the safety of our customers and staff during construction.

    What new features will the renovated Central Library have?

    All five floors of public and staff space, including the Glass Pavilion, Breezeway and the Noel Ryan Auditorium will be part of the renovation. This is the first large-scale renovation of Central Library to take place since its opening in 1991.

    Customers will be able to browse and borrow thousands of new books, DVDs, video games and much more.

    The new library will offer more self-serve options and access to upgraded technology throughout the building. Additional Makerspace and Maker elements will include sound and video studios, maker studio, digitization, digital creation and virtual reality.

    During the renovation period, approximately 28,000 sq. ft. of public space will be added within the existing building, along with plans for an additional 6,000 sq. ft. of secondary space on the fourth floor overlooking Celebration Square.

    The new facility will meet AODA requirements to provide barrier-free access.

    Upgraded technology throughout the building will offer more self-serve options, along with greater access to digital collections and in-library services.

    A new interactive and creative children’s space on the first floor will enable enhanced programming and gathering.

    Students will benefit from more single-use quiet spaces and multi-use rooms that will support a wide range of programming, meeting and study needs.

    An enhanced Open Window Hub will support homelessness outreach and prevention.

    Customers will have access to a new reflection room for prayer, meditation or quiet contemplation.
    The Glass Pavilion will become a flexible space equipped with computer and tablet technologies to accommodate after-hours research and study.

    An upgraded Breezeway will enable customers to vend physical materials, access our digital collections and download library eBooks, movies and music, with holds lockers for picking up reserved materials after hours.

    Food services that offer exciting choices will be available on the main floor.

    Will parking under Central Library stay open?

    The parking garage will remain open throughout construction, with some periodic disruptions.

    Will a temporary location be set up in the area?

    Yes. Details will be available as soon as the location is confirmed.

    Where will programs and activities be moved to?

    Every effort is being made to secure space in the area to schedule programs and activities. Our goal is to ensure core programs continue to run with limited interruption. Check the website regularly for updates.

    When will the new Central Library open to the public?

    Construction is scheduled to be completed by late 2022, with an official opening in early 2023.

    Will there be road closures?

    There are no planned long-term road closures during construction. Occasional short-term road closures may be necessary in order to accommodate moving equipment and construction activity.

    What is the project cost?

    The total project cost is $42.8 million.

    Where can I get more information?

    Visit the website for regular updates, or ask library staff.