Update Report to Council - Now Available!

City Council will consider a report on June 17, 2020 reviewing the status of the Clarkson Transit Station Area Study and next steps. The report discusses the work completed to date and the feedback we have heard from you and how it has shaped the course of the project.

You may link to the report and view the Council meeting on June 17, 2020 at 9:30 am through the Council Agenda.

Following Community Workshop # 2 in 2019 and in response to your concerns, we completed an environmental compatibility study including a review of the findings of the Clarkson Airshed Study (2010).

The report presents the findings of the environmental compatibility study in addition to providing an update on the next steps of the project.

The environmental compatibility study makes several recommendations to address air, noise and vibration on lands south of the Clarkson GO station to determine if residential uses should be considered in this area, including requirements for further studies. Adequate air quality data is currently not available for this area to support any land use changes at this time. A requirement for a new air quality study is recommended to inform the completion of a final concept plan.

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