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Imagine2050 Escape Room

about 1 year ago
Climatechange photocontestescaperoom inside mississauga

Thank you to those who came to the Imagine2050 Escape Room!

As part of the Climate Change Project, the City’s Environment Division, in partnership with Escape from the 6, created the Imagine2050 Escape Room. The escape room was offered at two locations throughout the month of July, 2018 at Celebration Square during the After Dark Earth Market and at Erin Mills Town Centre.

The Escape Room provided an immersive and interactive experience for Mississauga residents to learn:
  1. How climate change is affecting the City of Mississauga
  2. What action they can take to reduce their impact on climate change
  3. About the actions the city is undertaking to combat climate change through the City's Climate Change Action Plan

The Imagine2050 Escape Room was developed in partnership with Escape From The 6.

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Harold 3 months ago
All houses must have solar panels. Government must increase EV incentives up to 50% because EV cost twice as GHG emits vehicles e.g. Kona Electric $45k- Kona gas $20k. also no HT on EV
Paul 3 months ago
While I applaud the City of Mississauga for updating the streetlights to more energy efficient models, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of streetlights are on 24/7 365 days a year, yet the City of Mississauga doesn't seem to have a plan to fix these streetlights so they are only on when necessary. I have reported many streetlights on 24/7 and they remain that way more than a year later.
Harold 10 months ago
All community centers should installed solar rooftop, EV charging stations. Same as city hall, library, government buildings