Community Exchange Pods – Westwood Transit Terminal in Malton, with SHEEEP Studio

Exhibition case, Westwood Transit Terminal

This fall, Westwood Square Transit Terminal has become much more than just a bus stop! Designed to encourage community exchange, and create a vibrant, welcoming space for commuters, art experimental studio SHEEEP has designed six Community Exchange Pods that will be located at the transit terminal and feature mini libraries and exhibition cases. The mini library pods, colour coded in vibrant hues of blue and green, follow the idea of a free book exchange – you can take a book, and in exchange, leave a book. This is an opportunity for the community to bring their well-loved books to share with the community and pick up a good read for the bus ride home.

The exhibition cases, colour coded in a bright pink red hue, showcase small artworks and creations by the local community. The community creations will be seasonally swapped to provide an opportunity to display new works that are created in Malton.

SHEEEP Studio will also be producing zines throughout the year in collaboration with local community spaces such as the community centre, upcoming youth hub, and Museums of Mississauga. The zine-making workshops will take place in Malton throughout the year where the community will have the chance to create a zine and share their ideas and knowledge on a variety of topics. Printed copies of the zines will also be placed in the mini library pods so you have a chance to share your zine with the Malton community.

Keep an eye out for more information on the zine-making workshops and be sure to stop by Westwood Transit Terminal to check out the pods all year long until November 2023.

SHEEEP Studio:


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