Digital Public Art at Celebration Square's Winter Magic

Sugar Mountain is a realistic, but surreal bakery case sculpture filled with cakes and pastries.

Winter at Celebration Square can be magical time, with skating, warming stations, twinkling lights and piping hot chocolate. If you visited Celebration Square this winter season, you would have experienced numerous digital public art pieces located throughout the square, which added to the awe and magic of this place. The City’s Culture Division commissioned multiple digital public artworks which included Sugar Mountain, by Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky, Echoes by Nate Nettleton and Diaphonous Charms by Asli Alin.

Diaphonous Charms is a series of parametric art installations created with iridescent colour effect acrylic sheets.

Echoes is a rotating disco ball housed within an iridescent acrylic prism.

For more information visit:

More information about the artists: @weppler_and_mahovsky @nnnnnate @aslialin

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