Ebb and Flow

Downtown Core

Skate park murals, Sculpture Court Park, City Hall. Image Credit: Tylor Key Carr

The City’s Public Art Program commissioned local artist Ray Vidal to create a digital mural series in the Sculpture Court Skate Park, located right next to City Hall. The artwork was then printed and installed on the walls surrounding the skate park.

This digital mural series is about the constant flow of energy that skateboarders and breaker dancers channel to create something cosmic that can change the course of someone’s life. How these activities can bring you closer to being at peace with one’s own self, realize what is important in your life and how to work hard towards your goals, hopes and dreams.

As part of National Youth Week in May 2022, the artist and Public Art team hosted a launch event to showcase the artwork and celebrate the project. The artist performed with his band - the Five and Tens - alongside local DJs Ronny Royce and LJones. Around 50 local skateboarders and community members attended the event, enjoyed live music and skate competitions, and viewed the artwork.

For more information, take a look at the project page here.

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