Mobilizer 5.0 by SHEEEP

MaltonThe Mobilizer 5.0 is a prop to facilitate conversations within a community. In this context, at the Malton Greenway, it will be used to broadly discuss our changing climate and the importance of neighbourhood green spaces through various inputs and outputs. As a multi-faceted performance piece, it will occupy the site by being pushed through the trail and the mall while engaging with the local community. The formal language of the structure is informed by its surroundings - in particular the infrastructure found at the back of the mall’s loading dock - the mobilizer 5.0 desires to be useful with all its gadgets, to be seen and heard.

It will listen and react as the local passersby interact with it, it will acknowledge their presence through their motion and voices. The more engagement it receives, the more it disrupts its biases and internal thoughts.

Mobilizer 5.0 will be heading to Malton Greenway on August 4th and 6th, 2022.

For more information, take a look at the project page here.

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