Our Food Stories: Cooksville - artworks by Ashley Mozo, Debbie Woo and Jenn Liv

Cooksville “C” sign

If there’s one thing Cooksville is known for – it’s the rich, diverse culinary scene. Our Food Stories: Cooksville is a temporary public art project, completed by STEPS Public Art and commissioned by the City of Mississauga. Last summer, STEPS engaged with community members in Cooksville to ask questions such as: What does food mean to you? How does food impact your life or culture? Where are your favourite places in Cooksville to experience food? and What is your favourite food memory? STEPS conducted pop-up engagement at various community events, and collected over 130 quotes on Cooksville’s experiences, memories and connections to food. The community responses highlight how closely family memories are tied to food, how cherished recipes are passed on through generations, and how food from just about every corner of the world can be found in Cooksville.

STEPS commissioned artists from Mississauga to design temporary public artworks to display in Cooksville, using the community responses as inspiration. Food City, designed by Ashley Mozo juxtaposes the Cooksville community’s well-loved dishes over the City blocks, streets and stores of Cooksville. Ashley’s artwork is displayed on the Cooksville “C” sign, two local bus shelter ads, posters and light pole banners on Dundas Street this summer.

More For Us to Share by Debbie Woo, represents the human connections made through food, and the simple enjoyment of eating that brings comfort and the nostalgia that can transport you to different places. Debbie’s artwork incorporates hand-written quotes shared from the community in the wrap design. Her artwork is designed for an electric box wrap at the north-east corner of Hurontario St and Dundas St E.

The Cooksville “C” Sign will also feature an Augmented Reality (AR) component through the free Artivive app with animations designed by Jenn Liv. By downloading the free app, you can hover your phone over the Cooksville “C” sign and components of the artwork will come to life through Augmented Reality.

Stop by Cooksville this summer to feast your eyes on the vibrant artworks which celebrate food in Cooksville.

For more information about the project visit: https://stepspublicart.org/project/cooksville-food-stories/

https://stepspublicart.org/ @stepspublicart

More information about the artists:

https://www.ashleymozo.com/ @mozoashley

https://www.debbiewoo.com/ @woohyunji

https://www.jennliv.com/ @jennliv

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