DIY: Host Your Own Discussion Toolkit

24 Mar 2017

Why host your own discussion?

Your ideas and feedback will help the City of Mississauga build a vision and action plan to better support arts, culture and heritage in our city. We encourage you to be active members in helping shape a collective vision and supporting the ongoing conversation.

What is a ‘host your own discussion’?

Hosting your own group discussion can be as simple as having a small or large gathering of friends, peers, colleagues, neighbours, or strangers to answer questions and discuss ideas. We’ve made a simple step-by-step process that you can follow. There are some key questions to discuss in your group, record your feedback and email it back to us. That’s it!

The key to hosting your own group discussion is to have a comfortable space for everyone to meet and to facilitate a fun and open discussion. The Host Your Own Discussion Toolkit will help you organize your own discussion with a simple outline, discussion questions and instructions on how to report back.

What you will need:

  • Comfortable, inclusive and accessible space for people in your group to gather (a café, your living room, a community centre, a library…)
  • The Toolkit (it might be useful to print a few copies so everyone can follow along)
  • Pens, paper, markers, post-it notes
  • Extra paper or laptop to take notes (having access to the internet/Wi-Fi may be useful)
  • Camera or smartphone to take photos
  • Whatever other creative items you want to support your own facilitation style


  1. Invite a group of people to get together. Find a comfortable place (maybe even have some snacks)
  2. Prepare materials and familiarize yourself with The Toolkit (background information, discussion questions, activities, how to report back and the amount of time you’ll need for each activity).
  3. Record your feedback, notes and ideas and email it back to us
  4. Share your photos online! #Saugaculture

Record your feedback and email it back to by May 12th 2017.

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