What is the Cycling Master Plan?

    Mississauga’s Cycling Master Plan was approved by Council in 2010. It was created in support of the Strategic Plan, which envisions a “multi-modal” transportation system that will support walking, cycling, public transit, and driving. The Cycling Master Plan proposes to build a network of over 900 kilometres of on and off-road routes, and recommends several policies and programs to support and encourage cycling.

    Why is Mississauga Updating its Cycling Master Plan?

    The 2010 Cycling Master Plan was written to include regular updates approximately every 5 years. These updates are needed to make sure that the Plan is consistent with all current policies and projects across the city and so that the plan may take advantage of any new opportunities that may arise.

    How can I participate?

    There are many ways to participate! Join the conversation here by registering on this site and engaging with our online tools throughout the project. Take our online survey. And/or attend one of our public meetings.  We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

    When will the project be completed?

    The update to the Cycling Master Plan will be completed by the end of 2017.

    What parts of the city will the project look at?

    The Cycling Master Plan Update is a plan for the whole city.  This project will look at ways to make all of Mississauga's neighbourhoods bicycle -friendly

    Who is this project for?

    Mississauga's Cycling Master Plan Update is a project for everyone.  By coming together to continue creating a bicycle-friendly future for Mississauga, we are working to provide options for healthy, active living and more ways for people to move so they don't have to drive.  This benefits everyone in our communities by helping to reduce traffic, save money, improve local air quality, supporting local shopping, getting people to and from public transit when it's too far to walk, and leaving driving space on our roads for those who need it most.

    What can cycling do for Mississauga?

    Cycling plays an important role in achieving Mississauga’s Strategic Plan vision of vibrant, safe, and connected communities.  By developing a bicycle friendly city, we are working toward providing more transportation options to Mississauga residents and creating important facilities for recreation and exercise. Cycling supports active lifestyles, improves physical and mental health, protects our environment, provides access to public transit, and it is fun!  Building bicycle friendly neighbourhoods that encourage more people to use bicycles may also contribute to our city’s prosperity by reducing traffic congestion, reducing transportation and health costs, contributing to vibrant neighbourhoods and encouraging spending at nearby local businesses.