Consultation Plan

Engagement and Consultation

Engagement and consultation are a critical part of the Cycling Master Plan update. Our consultation plan will provide you with a variety of opportunities to share your ideas about the future of cycling in Mississauga. We will be engaging with many different stakeholders and communities to include people of all ages, abilities and levels of interest in cycling.

How can you get involved?

You can engage during all three phases of our project. We invite your input in any form you prefer: sharing your input and ideas on our website, speaking with our Cycling Ambassadors at summer events, and attending public meetings. We will also hold presentations and working meetings with a variety of stakeholders.

What to expect

Phase 1: Introduction to “Does Cycling Move You”. We will share what has been accomplished since our 2010 cycling plan was completed and define our goals for the future.

Phase 2: We will gather and. present information and ideas about what Mississauga needs to become a more bicycle friendly city.

Phase 3: We will present options for the draft plan to create a bicycle-friendly city and ask for your feedback on how best to achieve the goals identified in Phase 1.

Our Engagement Objectives

The purpose of our engagement plan is to inform, consult, involve, and collaborate with stakeholders to develop a plan that will create a bicycle friendly Mississauga. Here are the steps we will take:

  1. Make the consultation process accessible and inclusive.
    • Reach out to a wide variety of key stakeholders.
    • Provide opportunities for communication and feedback in more than one format.
    • Ask questions and provide information in a way that is clear and easy to understand.
    • Work to accommodate the diverse needs of our many communities.
  2. Be open and accountable.
    • Share accurate information in a timely manner.
    • Summarize and share what we have heard as we move from one phase of the project to the next.
    • Show how the ideas and perspectives that have been shared will inform the plan.
  3. Get people involved early in the project.
    • Start consulting at the beginning of the project and provide many opportunities to provide input along the way.
  4. Coordinate our efforts.
    • Respect the limited time that people have to participate when there are several projects going on at once.
    • Look for opportunities to join with other projects and events to reach out to people where they already are.
  5. Evaluate and improve as we go.
    • Monitor the effectiveness of our engagement activities and incorporate feedback to make our engagement as effective as possible.

Events, Activities and Tools

The Cycling Master Plan Update will use several different engagement activities and tools.

Project Website / Online Consultation

The Does Cycling Move You? website will be used to provide project updates and give access to project information and materials (e.g. meeting summaries, background reports, etc.). The website will host a cycling survey to gather key information and will also give people a platform to share their ideas throughout the project.

In-Person Outreach

Throughout the summer the City of Mississauga’s Cycling Ambassadors will attend summer events across the city and meet people who work and live in Mississauga. The ambassadors will raise awareness about the project, offer people the opportunity to participate on the project site and report back to the project team with any feedback.

Public Meetings

Public meetings will take place in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project.

In Phase 2, a workshop style meeting will be held that will include a brief presentation to introduce the project materials followed by a facilitated discussion to gather feedback.

In Phase 3 we will present and ask for feedback on different options to achieve the goals identified during Phase 1 and to respond to the barriers and opportunities identified in Phase 2. The meeting will include a brief presentation to share the information gathered from Phase 1 and 2 followed by an open house-style meeting where participants may consider the options presented and discuss with project staff one-on-one.

Meetings with Citizen Committees and Key Stakeholders

In an effort to reach out to a number of different communities and people of all ages and abilities, we will engage with several citizen committees and key stakeholders to inform these different groups of the project and provide opportunities for feedback, particularly groups for whom online consultation and/or public meetings may be difficult to access. Meetings may also be held with key stakeholders to respond to key issues as they emerge.

Consultation Summary Reports

Following all public and in-person meetings, a summary of the information shared and the feedback received will be prepared and posted on the Does Cycling Move You? website. Online feedback and a summary of survey results will also be posted.