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Remember to join us!

Please join us for an online community meeting on Thursday, April 29, 2021 from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM to hear our updated policy recommendations for the Meadowvale Neighbourhood Character Study! 

At our previous meeting, we left you with a set of draft development design and policy recommendations to keep Meadowvale a great community. Tomorrow we will share the updated draft recommendations:

1. Bulk Control + Height

  • Height maximum of 12 storeys
  • Floor Space Index (a measure of density) maximum of 2.0

2. Setbacks

  • Require setbacks from buildings to parks and open spaces that maintain the green character of Meadowvale

3. Separation

  • Distance separation between tall buildings of 40 metres
  • Transition requirements between buildings of different type and form

4. Housing

  • Promote opportunities to build affordable housing, age-friendly housing and family-friendly housing through development

Register here to hear more about these recommendations!


Vision and Guiding Principles for Meadowvale Based on What We Heard

Open, complete community, green, parks, neighbourhoods, transitions, housing, special place, sunlight and skyview, safe, character, scale, master planned, context sensitive, redevelopment opportunities, connections, trails, evolution

Preview of the Development Design Controls

Bulk control and height, setbacks, separation

We look forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,

The Meadowvale Neighbourhood Character Study Project Team

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