How do I submit a request for a Slow Streets project on my street?

    If you’d like Slow Streets devices installed on your street, please call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

    Are there any roadways where Slow Streets are not permitted?

    Slow Streets will not be considered on:

    • Major collector or arterial roadways
    • Multi-lane roadways
    • Roadways that have MiWay transit routes
    • Roadways where the equipment cannot be safely accommodated
    • Roadways with significant on-street parking activity

    How do you decide which traffic calming devices will be installed?

    Temporary devices and signs are installed at various points along the roadway and each deployment can vary depending on local roadway characteristics such as roadway width and parking.

    How long do Slow Streets devices stay on chosen roadways?

    Slow Streets measures are installed temporarily and will begin to be removed on November 1st each year when winter maintenance activities begin.