Story of M: Malton

about 2 years ago
Working in partnership with the My Malton project, a review of the planning policies that shape the look and feel of the Malton community, this iteration of Story of M introduced this idea of playful engagement to city staff and to the residents of this community.

Project deliverables included:
  • Gathering video stories from residents
  • Local hip hop star Junia T wrote and performed a song about the neighbourhood in Malton and at Mississauga Celebration Square
  • A temporary public square was set up
  • An outdoor community movie night was organized
  • Activities were developed in conjunction with children’s camps to get their vision of the neighbourhood

These activities were developed in conjunction with My Malton in order to support and test out ideas developed throughout the community consultation process, as well as to create an open and engaging environment for the process.

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Consultation has concluded