What was this project about?

    The project was about developing developing long-range plans to help shape the next five to 10 years for five key business areas:  ·  Culture ·  Recreation ·  Fire & Emergency Services ·  Library ·  Parks & Forestry.

    We heard your thoughts and ideas about current services, our facilities, and the types of services and programs you’d like to see in the future.

    What was the purpose of this project?

    This project was about truly understanding your needs and interests when it comes to Culture, Recreation, Library, Parks & Forestry and Fire & Emergency Services. By involving you in the process, we were able to get your thoughts and feelings about how we provide services now and what you would like to see from us in the future. 

    Why is this project important?

    We want to ensure that youth, older adults and newcomers thrive and connect to vibrant, safe, walkable communities and great spaces in Mississauga. Our intention is to encourage as many citizens as possible to provide their input and feedback helping to shape our plans for facilities, parks and trails for the future.

    What did the City do with the input provided?

    The City gathered all of the information and combined it with other relevant data to help: ·  Spend our time where the majority of people want us to; ·  Invest resources and funds into what matters to the community; and ·  Plan for the future and account for things like population, usage and impacts on programs, services and facilities.

    How often are these plans reviewed?

    The City reviews these plans every five years with a comprehensive review every 10 years. We want to remain relevant and ensure we make the right choices as we continue to build our community.