10 August 2019

Mississauga Water Lantern Festival

Water Lantern Festival is filled with fun, happiness, hope, and great memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. This is a family friendly event that can be shared by everyone. Friends, families, neighbors, and lots of people that you haven't met can come together to create a peaceful, memorable experience. http://www.waterlanternfestival.ca/mississauga.php

21 August 2019

Climate Change: The Future

Climate change has been recognized by municipalities around the world as one of the most critical challenges to delivering services and providing safe, livable, and sustainable communities that are resilient to major climate related events. The City of Mississauga’s Climate Change Action Plan is the City’s first climate change strategy and lays out a clear course for Mississauga over the next ten years to tackle climate change risks. Come and learn more about what the City is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop high-impact ways to address the most urgent risks associated with climate change, such as flooding and more extreme temperatures. Register here (Free Event)