Community Engagement 2018 Summary

2 months ago
Imagine 2050 4ftx2ft

In September 2017, the City kicked off its Climate Change Project and the development of the first comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for Mississauga. Throughout the development of the CCAP, various engagement activities occurred to raise awareness about climate change and inform the Mississauga community about how the City plans on taking action. The engagement phase targeted the following key audiences:
  • City staff
  • Invited stakeholders
  • Indigenous communities
  • Members of Mississauga City Council
  • Environmental Action Committee (EAC)
  • Members of the Public
Since 2017, the City participated in over 60 events and engaged more than 10,000 residents. Below are a few highlights from some of the education and outreach events:

Imagine 2050 Escape Room – in partnership with Escape from the 6, the City explored non-traditional community engagement with an immersive, interactive climate change themed escape room.

The After Dark Earth Market – attracting thousands of people, the City partnered with Many Feathers to host a climate-themed market, engaging residents on the topic of climate change and providing insights into the City’s Climate Change Project.

Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea – in partnership with the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, a ten-day climate change themed public art exhibit was showcased in the Southdown Industrial Area, communicating climate change messaging through art.

Lastly, the City will be hosting a number of public consultation sessions on the Draft Climate Change Action Plan in the early Fall 2019. Stay tuned!