What does micro-mobility mean?

    Micro-mobility refers to small, lightweight vehicles that typically operate below 25 km/h. 

    Examples include bikes, electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters).

    These vehicles/devices are used by one user/rider at a time. 

    These devices are convenient for traveling short distances.

    What is an e-scooter?

    An e-scooter is a two-wheeled device that the rider operates while standing.

    E-scooters are battery operated and are equipped with a hand brake, lights, bell and kick-stand.

    What is the purpose of the City’s e-scooter pilot?

    The City has implemented an e-scooter pilot in response to the presence of personally-owned e-scooters currently being operated in the city. 

    The pilot will create opportunities for Mississauga residents to share their feedback on their experiences operating their e-scooters in the manner set out by the by-laws and their experiences interacting with others operating e-scooters.

    This feedback will help the City determine whether a program of shared e-bikes or e-scooters would work in Mississauga.

    Are e-scooters allowed to be used in Mississauga?

    Personally-owned e-scooters can be operated in Mississauga in the manner set out by the City’s Parks By-law, Transit By-law and Traffic By-law.

    In January, 2020, the Province of Ontario launched a five-year e-scooter pilot program that allows for the operation of e-scooters, so long as the municipality opts in by amending or adopting their by-laws to regulate their use. 

    On February 17, 2021, the City of Mississauga updated its by-laws to regulate the use of personally-owned e-scooters in Mississauga.

    Who is allowed to operate an e-scooter in Mississauga?

    To operate an e-scooter in Mississauga you must be at least 16 years old.  

    Do I need to wear a helmet when operating an e-scooter?

    In Mississauga, helmets must be worn by riders under the age of 18. 

    Where can e-scooters be operated in Mississauga?

    As per the City of Mississauga’s by-laws, personally-owned e-scooters can be operated:

    • On public roadways with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less
    • On cycling infrastructure, including multi-use trails along roadways and bike lanes

    Where am I not allowed to operate an e-scooter in Mississauga?

    As per the City of Mississauga’s by-laws, personally-owned e-scooters cannot be operated:

    • On sidewalks, except for when directly crossing a sidewalk 
    • On a roadway with a posted speed limit of more than 50 km/h
    • On trails within Mississauga parks 
    • On City-owned land not designated as public roadways (e.g. Transit terminals)

    Does a shared system of e-scooters currently exist in Mississauga?

    • A shared system of e-scooters does not currently exist in Mississauga. 
    • The City updated its Parks, Transit and Traffic by-laws in response to those who operate their own e-scooters in Mississauga.