Why is the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel undertaking this review?

    The Region of Peel undertook a comprehensive planning process called the ‘Municipal Comprehensive Review’ to establish a new Official Plan, which the Province approved in 2022.

    The new Region of Peel Official Plan identifies Employment Areas that are protected for employment uses and do not permit residential and other sensitive land uses.

    During the Municipal Comprehensive Review process, the Region received an employment area conversion request to remove three sites from the Region’s Employment Areas. Consequently, Regional Council has directed municipal (City) staff to evaluate these sites in more detail.

    We are conducting this review to evaluate the possible introduction of residential uses on these sites, and provide the community and businesses an opportunity to engage and provide their feedback.

    What does employment area conversion mean?

    The City designates areas of land based on their intended use (known as ‘land use’). Employment Areas are intended for employment uses such as manufacturing, warehousing, and office uses, and do not permit residential uses. They are often separated from nearby residential areas by complementary uses such as retail.

    Employment area conversion means removing lands from an Employment Area, allowing for the introduction of uses that would otherwise not be permitted. In this case, we are reviewing if residential uses would be acceptable on the three sites.

    How will the existing businesses be impacted by this review?

    The purpose of this review is to help determine whether residential uses are appropriate on any of the three sites.

    No changes are proposed at this time that will affect existing businesses. This review will consider potential impacts on businesses should residential uses be approved on any of the sites. Existing businesses are encouraged to participate and provide feedback.

    What will be built here/What is in the proposal?

    The Region has received development concepts for the three sites that include a mix of residential, commercial and employment uses. However, before we can proceed with any development proposal, we need to evaluate whether residential uses are appropriate on any of the sites.

    Should this review determine that residential uses may be appropriate on one or more site, further detailed planning work will occur on establishing the mix of uses and design of future development.

    Will I have a say in the height of the new development?

    Building heights are not the focus of this review. If the review determines residential uses are appropriate and further planning work is undertaken, there will be additional opportunities for community engagement on the possible heights of new development.

    Will there be more sites considered as part of this review?

    No, we are only considering the three requests in Mississauga as directed by Regional Council.

    What is included as part of this review?

    The City will undertake a number of studies to determine if residential uses are appropriate on the three sites. Through this review, we will consider:

    • Whether the sites are required to accommodate employment growth targets set by the Region of Peel
    • Whether the sites can continue to operate with employment uses
    • Whether there is a need to introduce residential uses
    • How the introduction of residential and other sensitive uses may impact the overall viability and operations of surrounding industries and businesses
    • Overall impacts on existing or planned public infrastructure in the area, such as the availability of schools and community infrastructure (community centres, libraries and parks).