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Mississauga Housing Stories: Meet the “Avatars”

This section shows some Mississauga residents or “avatars”, each with their own housing story. Their fictional stories were designed to reflect real people with real needs. They were written to show the diversity of housing needs in the city.

These stories will be adapted as we continue to hear from you and other residents. While each avatar is at a different point of their life, they all ask big questions on how their future housing needs will be met.  

In this project we’re looking at how different low-rise housing options could fit a variety of needs. We’re asking you to put yourself in the shoes of typical households in Mississauga. This could be a family, retiree, couple, student, renter, owner, or first time homebuyer.

As you read through this stories, think about the following:

  • How do you relate to the stories? Do they remind you of someone you know?
  • How are their stories different than your own?
  • What housing types and arrangements do you think could work for each of these stories?

Noor – 64 years old – Owner – Intergenerational family

My house means a lot to me. It is the first and only home I have known since immigrating to Canada with my husband. I have raised my two sons here and built community here. Now my sons have grown and are thinking about starting their own families.

We live in a detached house. It is a good size for my husband and two sons now but I am not sure if it will be big enough for everyone as our family grows. My family and community are very important to me. I am looking for housing options that will allow me to keep both.

Philip – 40 years old – Renter – Saving to buy a home

I have been a renter for almost 3 years, living in the upper part of a house with my wife and two kids. We would love to purchase a home and live near bike trails as our family loves to bike. But we have been noticing everything seems fairly expensive and we are overwhelmed by the bidding wars.

Luckily right now the house we live in is big enough for us. We share the backyard with the family living downstairs and take turns on household duties like garbage or gardening. Our kids play together which has been unexpectedly quite nice. For now we are renting as we save for a home and are looking for a way to purchase a home.

Arthur – 60 years old – Retiree – Gardener – Owner

My wife and I have lived in the same neighbourhood for almost our entire lives. We got married and started a family here. We held many birthdays and Chinese New Year celebrations in this house.

I just retired and am thinking about our future living situation as seniors. We heard from friends how expensive senior homes can be, especially on fixed retirement income. My eyesight is not what it used to be, and I am interested in adapting my home to fit my needs. We are not sure where we will live in the future but know it is something to think about.

Jo – 19 years old – Student – Baker – Renter

I am entering my second year at the University of Mississauga and am looking for off-campus housing. Last year on campus housing was a great way to meet other students but it’s pricey.

Also it does not give me enough space for my favourite activity, baking! I love testing new recipes and sharing the best recipes on my blog. What I would really like is a full sized oven that isn’t shared with 20+ students. I hope I can find the space I need with my student budget.

Ahmed – 24 years old – Recent grad – Renter

My partner and I are looking for a new space to rent. At the moment we live in a basement apartment but it is feeling a bit crowded. We have a lot of athletic gear like tennis racquets, mountain bikes, and snowboards and we need a place with extra room for our hobby equipment.

I am excited to find a place that feels like home and is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. This home will mark a new chapter in my life with my first professional job and moving to a new home with my partner.

Kiran – 35 years old – New to Mississauga

I recently landed my dream job in Mississauga. At first I was a bit hesitant to accept the senior position in app development. It meant moving my husband and young toddler from Vaughan to a new city to settle. But I knew this job was too great to turn down.

We sold our home in Vaughan and have started to look for a place to buy in Mississauga. We now realize that we are not too familiar with the neighbourhoods in Mississauga. I do not feel like we are quite ready to make such a big purchase and commitment. We need a place to live in now and are looking for options to rent while we explore Mississauga.

Michal – 39 years old – Owner – Concerned about housing for elderly father

I love the semi-detached house that I live in with my wife and teenage daughter. I enjoy the neighbourhood restaurants and great high school in the area for my daughter.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time visiting my 73 year old father. He lives alone but has been needing more help as he ages. I would like for him to live with me but my father needs his independence. Could my father live closer to me if there were more housing options on our street? Or maybe we could save money to change the layout of our house. Who knows, an additional unit may come in handy one day as my daughter grows older.

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