How does this impact current planning and development applications eg. Proposed changes to the City’s Official Plan and zoning by-law, for properties in the study area? Will current applications be held up?

    Current applications will continue to be reviewed under the planning rules in place when the applications were submitted to the City.  Applications will continue under the current review process.

    What properties are being looked at through this study?

    The frontage properties on both sides of Lakeshore Road between Seneca Avenue and Etobicoke Creek are being considered as part of this study.  However, properties on the south side of Lakeshore Road between East Avenue and the Small Arms Building have been dealt with as part of the Inspiration Lakeview process and no changes to the Official Plan policies are being considered for these lands. However, any urban design polices recommended as part of the Lakeview Corridor Study could also apply to these properties.

    Will there be additional meetings on this study?

    Yes, the first meeting is being held on February 23, 2021 with additional meetings being planned later in the spring and summer of 2021.

    Will the results of the completed study be incorporated into Mississauga's Official Plan, currently under review?

    Our intention is to provide additional policies and urban design guidelines regarding development on Lakeshore Road. We have not determined if these proposed policies will be part of the Official Plan Review process or a separate Official Plan Amendment process.

    How will additional traffic be handled?

    Traffic and congestion is a concern for many people in the community. The Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan was endorsed by City Council in 2019. Moving people safely and efficiently as well as promoting prosperity for local businesses were guiding principles of that Study. Given the width of Lakeshore Road East between East Avenue and Etobicoke Creek, no additional traffic lanes are proposed.  Information regarding traffic, transit, capacity, and improvements are found here:

    In addition, each rezoning application must provide a transportation impact study to assess any traffic implications related to new development.

    What is happening with transit?

    The Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan outlines new and improved transit service throughout the Lakeshore Corridor. The eastern portion, from East Ave to Deta Rd includes a dedicated transitway and new bus rapid transit stations. The City of Mississauga will receive federal and provincial funding for the eastern portion and it should open by 2027. The bus rapid transit lanes and stations can be upgraded to light rail transit in the future.

    What will the height restrictions be?

    This study will review existing land use permissions, building height and design.  This will include a review of the existing height restrictions (minimum 2 storeys and maximum of 4 storeys) for all lands fronting Lakeshore Road East between Seneca Avenue and Etobicoke Creek.  The study will determine if the current rules should remain or if new rules are needed to guide future development.

    No actual buildings or development are proposed through this work.

    How will be pedestrian safety and active transportation be addressed?

    The Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan proposes new protected bike lanes and bike crossings, expanded sidewalks, and potential new pedestrian crossings along Lakeshore Road. Creating a multi-modal transportation system which supports active transportation is part of the Official Plan.

    The conceptual design of the cross section of Lakeshore Road including the pedestrian and cycling improvements can be viewed as Appendix G of the Lakeshore Road Transportation Master Plan

    What green initiatives are part of this plan?

    We have a Green Development Standards guideline Each development application is required to provide a list of Low Impact Development features. Lakeview Village Master Plan also proposes a suite of sustainability features

    How will this study maintain and contribute to our community?

    Complete communities are our goal. Complete communities meet the day-to-day needs of people close to home and throughout all stages of their life. In order to create complete communities, we encourage compact, mixed use development including a diverse housing mix which reduces travel needs, and design streets for walking, biking, transit and cars.

    What’s the point of this study if developers don’t follow the rules?

    Developers and landowners have the right to submit development applications and ask for approval.  Some of these applications have been higher than the current maximum height limit of four storeys.  We initiated this study to review the current rules and provide more guidance for development on Lakeshore Road East.

    What is the project timeline/process?

    This project is starting in Winter 2021 (February 23rd Community Meeting) and is hoped to be completed in December 2021.  The project timeline is on the project website.

    What is happening with Dixie Mall?

    We have not received a formal application submission for Dixie Mall which is outside of the study area. This study is focusing on Lakeshore East Corridor.

    What is happening with waterfront and Lakeview Village?

    This study is only looking at the properties directly fronting on Lakeshore Road East. Refer to the Lakeview Village Masterplan regarding the waterfront property.

    Will the golf courses be redeveloped?

    There are no plans to redevelop Lakeview Golf Course.  We are not aware of any plans to redevelop the Toronto Golf Club.

    What is Rangeview?

    The Rangeview Estates is an area south of Lakeshore Road East between East Ave and Hydro Road. The area is currently industrial, but is expected to change over time.  Currently, there are no active development applications in Rangeview.

    What is the expected population growth?

    The Region’s draft forecast anticipates Mississauga’s population reaching approximately 1,000,000 people at 2051, up from approximately 760,000 people today. We anticipate that roughly 15% of the city's residential growth may occur in the Lakeview area (which is much larger than our study area). Actual growth will depend on market demand in addition to planning policies. Provincial policies require that a minimum of 50% of new residential development in the Greater Toronto Area occur in existing built up areas like Mississauga.

    How does this study change parks and open space?

    Greenspace, parkland and the natural environment are important features in the community. This study includes properties on Lakeshore Road East and does not include parks and open space. The  Lakeview Village Parkland Engagement is seeking input on future parkland in Lakeview Village to the south:

    What are the plans for infrastructure improvements?

    City infrastructure improvements are identified and planned through our 10 year business planning and budget based on projected population growth and life cycle upgrades.  This study is not looking at infrastructure.  Growth pays for growth.  Developers pay development charges which fund infrastructure.

    Is the City taking a gender lens approach?

    This study is primarily looking at policies and guidelines for development and buildings along Lakeshore Road East. Our goal is a complete and inclusive community.  We seek economic health, social equity and cultural vitality in Lakeview.

    The Official Plan review is in process to ensure that it meets the changing needs, aspirations, and opportunities for our city. The study information is here: